Centre Philosophy

Our centre aims to achieve a safe, warm, caring, educational environment by using a team approach, which involves families, management, staff and the community.

The management and staff are respectful and accepting of the individuality of children, encompassing the elements of culture, ability, family diversity and gender.

We recognise a child’s first and most important teachers are their families. We build genuine partnerships with families by being committed to respectful and reciprocal relationships. Our centre aims to involve families in the operation of the service as well as the programming for their child. Families are viewed as an important factor in providing quality care for the children at the centre.

We believe children are unique, special individuals. Each child learns at their own pace and developmental rate. They should be allowed to do so with encouragement and support from the people around them. Children should lead their learning assisted by teachers and peers there to support them. Play- based education creates an initiative for learning. All resources and materials are made available to the children to access independently. This allows them to be responsible for the direction of their own play and learning.

We implement projects with the children to extend upon topics of interest. We develop learning programs responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities by listening, observing and interacting with the children. Staff use their professional knowledge to provide educational environments, which facilitate opportunities for children to be active learners. Our goals reflect knowledge of child development and be referenced to acknowledged theorists.

The Early Years Learning Framework allows us to put into practice what we believe to be appropriate ways of extending and enriching children’s learning. By encompassing the elements of Belonging, Being and Becoming we acknowledge the importance of play- based learning that is engaging and builds success for life. Our service provides high quality care and we implement this through taking guidance as well as referencing our practices to the Early Years Learning Framework, National Quality Framework, The Education and Care Services National Regulations and the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010. We will communicate this information to families through written programs, parent handouts, newsletters, photographs, portfolios and verbal communication.

Our staff are incredibly important to us and we strive to provide them with a happy and supportive environment. We are a team and work together to ensure the operation of the service. We encourage our staff to extend their education and provide training to build upon their skills. We believe in self-reflection and setting goals. Our staff regularly reflect upon their practices to achieve their personal and professional goals as well as help them to implement quality practice.

The service recognises that we are part of a community and as such we liaise with other organisations and participate in community events. Due to our centre being located in a low socioeconomic area we feel that it is important for us as an individual centre to have goals that are relevant to the families we care for. This is why we aim to provide affordable childcare, resources, information and support to all families. We believe it is our responsibility as child care workers to give all children the best start in life by allowing them access to a quality early childhood education.

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